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Dr. Ljupka Naumovska

Assistant professor and at Rennes Business School, France

Topic: The Rise of Native Advertising: perspectives, challenges, and regulations

She is a program director of the MSc Strategic and Digital Marketing Program. She is a respected educator, consultant, and life-long learner. She has spent much of her time making a difference in academia: as an assistant professor and as a visiting lecturer in Universities in Macedonia, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, France and U.S. Her teaching focus is Digital and Integrated Marketing. Her research focus is Marketing to children: currents states and ethics. She was recently rewarded with Teaching Excellence Award by Rennes School of Business.

A significant portion of her nonacademic work is dedicated to consultancy in the field of digital marketing, institutional communications, political marketing, and PR, working as an expert and consultants for Governments & Governmental institutions, NGO’s and fast-growing businesses. But Ljupka’s impact goes far beyond the classroom. She is enthusiastically supportive of start-ups that constructively ‘move the planet forward’, and she is a consistent voice on the need for women to play a much larger role in all aspects of society. As a proud activist and feminist, and social justice supporter, she is compelled to campaign for global gender equality, inclusion, and social justice.
Media Conference
Dr. Jayne Rodgers

Session Chair

Jayne Rodgers, PhD, is Associate Professor, Enterprise and Knowledge Exchange, at Teesside University International Business School. A Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (Advance HE), she is a communications scholar with a particular interest in the role of digital media in health decision-making. She also has extensive industry experience and has supported many businesses in developing their online presence through her work on the Google Digital Garage project.

Media Conference
Dr. Tal Laor

Highlighted Speaker

A Senior Lecturer, Head of Journalism & Radio Studies, School of Communication, Ariel University. A Research Fellow at the Institute for New Media Research, Ariel University, and the Media and Society research lab, Reichman University. An expert in developing and implementing innovative and relevant media concepts to the new media.

Media Conference
Mr. Damir Solak

Highlighted Speaker

Damir Solak is a Ph.D. student at Faculty of Law, Masaryk University, Czechia. In his doctoral studies he does mainly research on media law and higher education law. His Ph.D. thesis will focus on funding of publice service media.
Arun Rashid Kamara
Mr. Arun Rashid Kamara

Highlighted Speaker

He started his schooling at Cathedral Boys Primary School in Freetown. He continued his education at the Bullom Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary School, Lungi and later enrolled at the BlueCrest College Sierra Leone. At present he is waiting for his Diploma degree in Data management.

Media Conference
Mr. Amin Ataee

Highlighted Speaker

Amin Ataee is a scholar in the realm of Political Science, having earned his Master’s degree from the University of Tehran. His academic pursuits revolve around the compelling intersection of social movement, political dynamics, and Climate Crisis in Iran.
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Ms. Xiaoyi Sun

Highlighted Speaker

Xiaoyi Sun, preferred name Lulu. She currently holds a MA degree in East Asian Studies. Her research interests focus on video games, particularly how they reshape society and culture. She is also engaged in media and film studies, as well as Chinese internet literature

Media Conference
Mr. Wael Nel

Highlighted Speaker

Wael Nel, an experienced journalist, has taken part in journalism programs at renowned institutions such as CNN, Reuters, and Sky News. He has also been actively engaged in numerous conferences and international media projects.
Nel earned his master’s degree in journalism from Poland and is now pursuing a PhD in Spain. His research interests include international journalism, new media, and the effects of journalism.
Media Conference
Ms. Wenjia Xu

Highlighted Speaker

Wenjia Xu is currently a postgraduate student at the Education University of Hong Kong. Previously, she worked as a researcher at the Ningbo Yangming Cultural Creative Transformation and Dissemination Base. Her research interests include documentary analysis, the transmission of Wang Yangming’s theory, cultural communication, new media, and education.
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Assoc. Prof. Gül Esra Atalay

Üskudar University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Journalism, Istanbul Turkey. Director of Ü.Ü. İLİMER

Topic: When Disaster Strikes: A Critical Analysis of the Media's Response to the Turkey Earthquake

Gül Esra Atalay gained her Ph.D. from the Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Journalism, Istanbul University, in 2014. In 2020, she obtained the title “associate professor” in the field of communication studies.

She has been working at Uskudar University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Journalism in Istanbul, Turkey since 2016. At the same time, she is the director of Üskudar University “Human-Oriented Communication Application and Research Center” (ILIMER). She has been lecturing on sociology, sociology of communication, alternative journalism, and new media. Her research interests focus on journalism, new media, social media, and their interaction with society.

media conference
Dr. Aref Abdo Mohammed Al- Attam

He received his PhD from Faculty of mass communication- Cairo University.

He has worked as a journalist for 22 years. He taught as assistant professor in a number of Yemeni universities. He has carried out many research about media and published them in the Arabic academic journals.

Asma Abdulkareem Ahmed Mutahar
Ms. Asma Abdulkareem Ahmed Mutahar

She is a teaching assistant at the National University, and a PhD student in West Asia.  She worked as a news anchor on Al-Mustaqbal channel for 3 years.  She got her master’s degree from the National University.


Ali Rabea Ebrahim Al-Khamisi
Mr. Ali Rabea Ebrahim Al-Khamisi

He is Yemeni researcher and journalist. He completed my bachelor’s degree from Sana’a University. He has worked in the field of journalism for 20 years. He is a member of the International Federation of Journalists. He is a head of the Studies Center at Al-Thawra Press Foundation (the largest Yemeni press institution). He published hundreds of newspaper articles and a number of academic studies. His interests are scientific research and literature.


Nisa Nur Celiktas
Mrs. Nisa Nur Celiktas

Nisa Nur Celiktas is pursuing a master’s at SOAS, University of London. She is currently working on her master’s thesis on cultural hegemony and its relation with tv series on Turkish States channels. Her areas of interest lie in cultural anthropology, sociology of religion and especially the relationship between religion and cinema.

media conference
Dr. Melanie Borrego

Melanie Borrego is the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education and Professor of English at the University of Massachusetts Global. Dr. Borrego is responsible for general education program development and student assessment. She also coordinates the Associate of Arts and BA in Applied Studies Degree programs. 


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Ms. Anastasia Karampela

Anastasia Karampela is a research associate at the University of Athens. She holds a master’s degree in Digital Communication Media and Interaction Environments and a bachelor’s in Communication and Media Studies. Her research interests are related to the integration of data science and ΑΙ technologies in the media field, more specifically AI for fake news detection, natural language processing, and data journalism.


Jiayu Chen
Ms. Jiayu Chen

Jiayu Chen (UW-Madison, B.S., University of Cambridge, M.Phil.) worked in multiple universities including NYUSH and FDU, also as a freelance designer and education consultant. Chen is currently working in Xiamen Institute of Technology, lecturing on Intercultural Communication. Her research interests focus on creativity, new media, and digitally mediated cultural experiences.

Juan Filipe Stacul
Asst.Prof. Juan Filipe Stacul

Juan Filipe Stacul is an Assistant Professor at the Federal Institute of Goiás (IFG – Brazil) and Local Representative of International Relations. He holds a Ph.D. in Brazilian Literature from the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais (PUC Minas). His areas of interest include feminist criticism, men’s studies, queer theory, contemporary Brazilian writers (such as Caio Fernando Abreu, Rubem Fonseca, and Miguel Maravilla), subjectivity, gender, and alterity.

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Dr. Jaqueline Costa Ribeiro

Carrying out a PhD in Communications Science at the University of Coimbra, Portugal

Topic: NeuroNumbers – A volunteer mapping of censored content on social media

Jaqueline Costa Ribeiro is a producer, researcher and journalist who was born in Itapevi (São Paulo/Brazil). She graduated with an Arts degree in Television and Radio from University Bandeirante of São Paulo, where she also completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Television Communications. She moved to Dublin, Ireland in 2014, where she obtained a First-Class Honours Master’s degree in Journalism and Media Communications at Griffith College. While attending Griffith College, she collaborated on a magazine called Footprint that won the “Small Publication of the Year award” at the Irish National Student Media Awards (SMEDIAS), a fantastic achievement. Living in Ireland, she has also worked for The Irish Catholic newspaper. In addition, Jackie has completed extension courses in digital media, esthetics and communications, marketing, TV business and TV administration.

Jackie is currently carrying out a PhD in Communications Science at the University of Coimbra, Portugal where she is also launching a project called NeuroNumbers, which is a volunteer mapping (database) of censored content on social media.

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Ass. Prof. Todd Allen

Todd Allen is an Associate Professor at Kansai University, Japan, where he teaches courses in academic writing and intercultural communication. His research interests include sociopragmatics, intercultural education, and academic writing development.  

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Ms. Yixuan Ma

Yixuan Ma is a multimedia practitioner and community activist. She is actively involved in sustainability practices in the public and private sectors as well as interdisciplinary media studies with an emphasis on feminism, anti-ageism, multiculturalism, and public welfare.

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Mr. Salar Hwaez

He has Masters of Arts (Media production), Coventry University, UK.  Assistant Lecturer and website manager Cihan University Erbil. Lecturer at Media department and Director of Statistics & information bank, Erbil polytechnic to university.

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Ms. Abeer Bajandouh

She studied at University of Leicester under the guidance of Prof. Athina Karatzogianni and Prof. John Goodwin . Her research interests focus on Saudi women entrepreneurs using social media for empowerment in the workforce in the Saudi Arabia context, documenting Saudi women entrepreneurs’ presence in their work environment through environmental portraits; thesis title is ‘Environmental Portraits of Saudi Women Entrepreneurs: A Digital Ethnography Study on Instagram’. She worked as an educator in Abdul Latif Jameel Academy for women’s education and as a freelancer in the Media industry. Abeer holds a BA in Mass-Comm. Journalism from King Abdulaziz University, as well as an MA in Arts from Kingston University London. She participated in international art exhibitions, and she published two self-publications.

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Ms. Jiaqi Yao

Jiaqi Yao is a student from Ningbo Tech University, China, majoring in Network and New Media. Her research interests include public relations, crisis communication, and media and society.

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Ms. Maria Júlia Limeira Vieira da Cunha

Maria Júlia Vieira has a Master in Communication, Networks and Technologies and a PhD student in New Media at the University of Aveiro in Portugal.  His academic life is based on research within convergence culture, digital media, transmedia storytelling, video games and pop culture.  In addition to currently working in the area of ​​Digital Marketing and social media.

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